Smashball is a high-speed action sports PVP game all about combat, competition and customization.


Speed and skill, defense and shield, brute force and boom. Score more points than your opponent. Or, just destroy them.


Compete, win METAL tokens and use them to forge new parts for your arsenal of Mechletes.


Build, customize and add value to your mechs. Bring your build out into battle on the Mechleague courts.

Make your
way to the top


There are no shortcuts in Smash Ball. Every player starts out on even ground and must offer their time and effort to become the best. Buckle up, Rookie because it requires skill and dedication to make your way to the top.


Start off with a scrap set of parts. Play for fun and learn the ropes before you start investing in better parts and competing for higher stakes.


Purchase and trade parts to dive deeper and fine-tune your mechletes. Win competitions and rank up to gain access to better parts and participate in more tournaments for further rewards.


The top of the food chain. Compete in the best tournaments using the strongest parts available. You can stake your mechs to other players and be a team leader. Will you become the next star of the Mech Leagues?

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We provide the playground for players to compete in. We offer the steel, stadiums, teams, and tournaments and the community will control what team they want to play on, what tournaments they host, where they want to compete, and what they do with their mechletes.


From volcanos to sandy valleys to outer space, Smash Ball players can compete in locations across the galaxy. Utilize flamethrowers, geyesers, sandstorms, and more to achieve victory based on where you choose to compete.


Rise up, Rookie. Get in with a starting team and help them achieve glory, or surpass them and get drafted into a more successful team. Show your team spirit and climb to the top!


Frame types

Each mech is built upon one of three frames that support different playstyles. Speed and skill, defense and shield, brute force and boom – how will you achieve victory?



Action Sports PVP Game


Action Sports PVP Game


Obtain a vast collection of parts to customize your mechletes and stats down to the decimal point. Each part comes from one of five manufacturers, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.


Unleash devastating booster technology on your opponents in the form of boomballs. Turn the ball invisible, heal yourself, create trails of fire, and more. Experiment to find one that synergizes with your playstyle!

The team

Action Sports PVP Game

Mike Sorrenti

With a combined 16 years of interactive experience, prior to starting Game Pill, Mike was a Brand Manager for Paramount Pictures and Warner Brothers and is no stranger to entertainment.  Mike is a prolific producer and CEO, having created well over 100 game titles across various platforms since 2008.  These titles have ranged from mini-casual games to large-scope digital media projects for clients such as Nickelodeon, Marvel, National Geographic, Disney, Discovery Channel, and others.  With an interest in toy design, he recently earned his certificate in Toy Invention under the direction of lead Spin Master Toy Designer.  Recently doing work for Sago Mini and others.

Action Sports PVP Game

Mary Sorrenti

Mary Sorrenti is the Vice President of Game Pill, where she oversees finance, business affairs, and production, ensuring her internal teams stay motivated, and client care remains paramount. As a CPA, Mary spent the first half of her career providing business and tax advice to some of Canada’s most successful enterprises before finding her place in the interactive digital media world.  She has over a decade of leading teams and managing projects including Smash Ball, a high-speed action sports PVP game, from concept to final deliverable.  Mary also sits on the Board for Interactive Ontario and is Chair of its’ Advocacy Committee.

Action Sports PVP Game

Matt Kresge

An artist who has worked in the video game industry for more than 19 years, Matt has been a part of both AAA and Casual game development teams, shipping titles on both console and mobile platforms.  Throughout his career Matt’s roles have included production artist, lead artist, and outsourcing manager overseeing characters, environments, and animation.  Matt loves the challenge and excitement of collaborating with a passionate team to bring new unseen worlds to life and giving gamers new and memorable experiences.


Action Sports PVP Game

Sebastien Borget

The Sandbox
Action Sports PVP Game

Rob Tran

Action Sports PVP Game

Justin Kan

Co-founder Twitch
Action Sports PVP Game


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Action Sports PVP Game


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